Allflex Heatime HR is a 24/7, standalone, long-distance, terminal based system that provides a complete reproduction and health monitoring solution, with no PC required.
It comprises robust, multi-functional neck tags (collars) that each have a proprietary movement sensor and a rumination recorder.
With its unique combination of activity and rumination monitoring, the Allflex Heatime® HR System enables you to quickly and accurately evaluate the reproductive, health, nutrition, and wellbeing status of your cows.
With built-in advanced applications that provide additional timely and actionable insight, you can confidently make better-informed decisions about more aspects of your herd and farm management.
You can boost productivity and reduce costs, and gain more control of your dairy farm operations.
What are the benefits?
  • Heat
    • NEW Heat Index - Make better breeding decisions with the enhanced heat index that is based on activity, rumination curve, heat length and time from the previous cycle.
    • NEW Pregnancy Probability Application - Calculate the probability of pregnancy and possible miscarriage for all post-AI cows.
  • Health
    • NEW Real-Time Group Routine Application - Real-time updates highlight unusual activity or rumination at the group or herd level pointing to issues like spreading illness, group panic, stress, and more.
  • Calving
    • ProCalve™  A new set of real-time alerts before and after calving time that provide farmers with unique insights into the calving period.
    • NEW Pre-Calving Distress Alert - Gain essential insights on cows experiencing unusual stress during calving
    • NEW Post-Calving Distress Alert - Minimize the impact of a calving disease with early warning of a post-calving problem
  • Nutrition
    • Insight into ration and nutrition issues at the group level enables timely attention to problems.
    • Improve your nutrition strategy by quickly understanding how your cows react to ration changes.
    • NEW Group Consistency Application - Monitors and analyzes long-term rumination trends, and highlights any irregularities at the group level, like feeding changes, opening a new silage bunker, adjusting the ration, infiltration of rotten feed, and more.
Key Features
  • Simple, easy to use, stand-alone terminal
  • All-in-one identification, heat detection and health monitoring
  • Long life battery with 5 years warranty
  • 24/7 real-time data
  • Remote monitoring via mobile device of choice
  • Integration with Uniform
  • Multiple languages
System Features
Feature Allflex Heatime HR System
Max No. of tags Up to 600 tags
Comprehensive Warranty 5 Year, 100% warranty on all HR-LD tags
Health & Heat Monitoring Advanced health monitoring through rumination analysis.  Assess issues and address them proactively before they affect milk yield
Group Management Herd can be divided into multiple groups
App Support Free HealthyCow24 App Access
Finance and Trade in Plan Trade In Plan available on existing collars, plus 0% finance in Spring 2017 (offer ends 31/3/17)
Long distance coverage Typical range of SCR Radio Frequency Base Unit: 200-500 m (656-1,642 ft) based on farm audit
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